The “Achiever” Pre-Employment Assessment

Get Insights into Job Candidates Before you Hire them

By evaluating a broad spectrum of mental aptitudes and personality dimensions tailored to specific job requirements, this tool empowers you to make informed decisions and hire the most qualified candidates.

Achiever Pre-Employment Assessment Leadership Excellence

According to a CareerBuilder study…

41% of employers reported that a single bad hire had cost them at least $25,000, while 25% said the cost was around $50,000.

What do we Measure?

  • Mental Acuity. Gauge the sharpness of an individual’s mental processes.
  • Mechanical Interest. Understand a candidate’s interest and proficiency in mechanical concepts.

  • Business Terms. Evaluate familiarity with and understanding of basic business terminology.

  • Memory Recall. Assess the ability to recall information accurately.

  • Numerical Perception. Measure the capability to perceive and process numbers efficiently.

  • Vocabulary. Examine the breadth and depth of a candidate’s language.

  • Energy & Motivation. Insight into an individual’s drive and vitality.
  • Flexibility. Assess adaptability to changing environments and situations.

  • Organization & Planning. Evaluate the ability to organize tasks and plan effectively.

  • Communication. Understand the proficiency in expressing ideas and engaging with others.

  • Emotional Development. Gauge emotional intelligence and resilience.

  • Assertiveness & Competitiveness. Measure the levels of assertiveness and competitive nature.

  • Mental Toughness. Assess resilience and ability to handle stress.

  • Questioning/Probing. Evaluate the inclination to seek information and ask questions.

Ready to Make Great Hires?

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Achiever Pre-Employment Assessment Leadership Excellence
Achiever Pre-Employment Assessment Leadership Excellence

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More Info on the Achiever Assessment

The Achiever is considered one of the most thorough and detailed pre-employment assessments in the American and Canadian markets.

The assessment report consists of several segments, including:

A narrative segment that explains each mental aptitude and personality dimension assessed in the report and how the individual has scored in each area compared to job requirements.

The report also includes a pictorial analysis that compares the individual’s scores to desirable benchmarks for the job.

A leadership analysis identifies the person’s strengths and areas that require further development based on planning, organizing, directing, staffing, and controlling.

A sales analysis is also included, which identifies the individual’s strongest sales skills and areas where they could improve, based on developing rapport, identifying needs or desires, presenting products/services, dealing with objections, and closing the sale.

The report concludes with a personal development plan that outlines the individual’s required mental aptitudes and behavioral traits for successful job performance and provides daily actionable steps to become more proficient in the job.