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Five Habits For Effective Leadership

When he was sixty-five years old, America’s first great entrepeneur, Benjamin Franklin, began writing his autobiography, and he would work sporadically on it for the rest of his life. Although The Autobiography was never finished nor published in his lifetime, Franklin nevertheless provided the nation with an original self-help text that is still read and studied by academics and business leaders to this

2021-10-04T15:45:54-04:00By |Leadership Tips|

Crossing The River Before It’s Too Wide—When To Change Course

If you live near a river, you know that it has narrow and wide points. Typically the river will start out fairly narrow and widen as it continues the journey to its final destination. Early settlers often traveled and crossed over our rivers to get from one location to another. Surely they discovered that some

Leadership And Workplace Conflict: How To Resolve Conflict (And Keep It From Happening In The First Place)

Conflict and workplace are two terms that often go hand in hand. When conflict at work is left unchecked, it will break down communication, cause frustration, and affect productivity. As a leader, it's important to understand how to mediate conflict among your team in a healthy way. Sweeping it under the rug or avoiding it

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Tips To Get The Most From Your Leadership Coach

Many small business owners wonder if it’s worth investing in a leadership coach. The answer is usually YES! Chances are that you have a number of talents and abilities that can be developed in order to help you be as successful as possible both personally and professionally. But coaching can be a challenge. Sometimes it

2021-10-04T15:47:12-04:00By |Business Coaching|

Body Language And Leadership—How To Make A Good First Impression

A big part of leading effectively is the ability to positively interact with and influence others. Whether it’s your team, your clients, staff members, or even those in your personal life, it’s important to focus on how you communicate with those around you. Maybe you have the verbal communication down, but do you know what

2021-10-04T15:48:54-04:00By |Leadership Tips|

Resolve To Reexamine Your Goals In 2021

It is a new year. Many people have begun the year with resolutions in mind and are attempting to follow through on them right now. They have entered 2021 with renewed determination and focus to achieve personal or business goals that they consider important. However, resolutions often fail when we don’t develop clear missions and

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How To Show Gratitude In The Workplace

As positive COVID-19 cases increase throughout the nation, Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States may look a little different this year. Some people will carry on as they always have; others may eschew large gatherings and celebrate with smaller groups or only those with whom they live. Regardless, the holiday affords all of us an

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How To Manage Slackers In The Workplace

Behold the power of a slacker—able to stretch a 15-minute break into a half hour siesta. Seemingly incapable of completing a task in a timely fashion, yet capable of posting on their favorite social media sites on the hour like clockwork. Full of ideas and opinions for others, yet never actually following through with one

2022-02-24T11:50:00-05:00By |Business Coaching, Management|

How Leaders Can Improve Their Well-Being

If you are in a leadership role, you likely have a lot on your plate. You know others are depending on you, and this sense of responsibility drives you to do your best to overcome any challenges or obstacles you face. This may require long hours and total commitment on your part, but your determination

2021-10-04T15:53:33-04:00By |Leadership Tips|

Dealing With Anxiety And Stress In The Workplace

Work has always been one of the major stressors in most people’s lives. This has perhaps never been truer than it is today. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and subsequent governmental lockdowns have sent economies reeling and cost millions of people their jobs or businesses. Many of those still working have had to adjust to

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