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Benefits Of Using Pre-Employment Assessments To Find The Best Employees

So you have some open positions to fill within your company, but you have had a series of bad hires that have cost you a great deal of time, energy, and money. How can you safeguard yourself from this continuing cycle and hire the best, most qualified candidates for the job?High employee turnover is a

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How To Combat High Employee Turnover

Even in today’s delicate job market, many organizations are plagued with a high number of employee resignations and turnover. Why do some organizations lose so many valuable employees? Because many employees have been overloaded with extra work, more stress, and fewer resources, these workers are tremendously frustrated! Couple that with the feeling of a general

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An Open Letter To The Next President

Dear President-elect _______________: It is Election Day here in America, and the long and arduous campaign season has come to an end.  Congratulations on your victory!  Enjoy the moment, but understand that once the celebration ends it will be time to turn your full attention to governing the most powerful and influential nation in the

Integrity Deficit Disorder (IDD)

It affects more “leaders” than just about anything else, stripping them of the trust and respect of their followers. It is an equal opportunity annoyer, alienating team members in business, religious, and political organizations. The Center of Creative Leadership (CCL) even came out with a study in 1983 stating that this malady was one of


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