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Tips For Making Good Decisions

Last month, President Trump announced that his administration is going to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. It was certainly a bold decision, for while many in the United States applauded it, many other Americans and governments throughout the international community objected. As is often the case with decisions of this

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12 Principles Of Personal Leadership: Principle 7—A Life In Balance

Personal leadership includes an understanding of a balanced approach in all areas of life. Your personal resources are limited and valuable. In order to achieve the things you want and maintain them, you must effectively manage your time to balance both your needs and your responsibilities. In order to accomplish this, it is important to

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The Danger Of Gossip Within An Organization

Gossip is commonly defined as rumor or talk of a personal, intimate, or sensational nature. Whether or not the gossip is true, it is often toxic, spreading faster than a virus in a kindergarten classroom. Not only does gossip bring down morale, it affects the culture of the organization. Often, those who habitually engage in

How To Properly Use Authority

Misusing power is a surefire way to alienate others and stunt the growth potential of individuals and organizations. With authority comes both power and responsibility-find out how to use your authority to effectively lead others... Listen to the podcast- The Proper Use of Authority


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