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Five Challenges That Plague Local Government Agencies And How To Overcome Them

In recent years, scandals emanating from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, the State Department, and the Internal Revenue Service have called into question the practices of these large federal bureaucracies and shaken people's confidence in their impartiality and fealty to the rule of law.  These scandals have led to both internal

The Twelve Principles Of Personal Leadership: Principle #12—Embracing Spirituality

In 2004, theoretical physicist and former ABC News science correspondent Michael Guillen wrote Can a Smart Person Believe in God? This thought-provoking book offers some insightful comments about the importance of spirituality in people’s lives. Guillen contends that there are two important and distinct qualities to human existence. The first quality, Intelligence Quotient, is well

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way!

I am often asked where all the real leaders have gone. Not just the canned phony orators who stammer and stumble when their teleprompter freezes, but real leaders whose values are embedded, and naturally come from the heart. Where Have All the Leaders Gone? There are many reasons that genuine leaders are difficult to find.

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