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How To Show Gratitude In The Workplace

As positive COVID-19 cases increase throughout the nation, Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States may look a little different this year. Some people will carry on as they always have; others may eschew large gatherings and celebrate with smaller groups or only those with whom they live. Regardless, the holiday affords all of us an

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How To Manage Slackers In The Workplace

Behold the power of a slacker—able to stretch a 15-minute break into a half hour siesta. Seemingly incapable of completing a task in a timely fashion, yet capable of posting on their favorite social media sites on the hour like clockwork. Full of ideas and opinions for others, yet never actually following through with one

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How Leaders Can Improve Their Well-Being

If you are in a leadership role, you likely have a lot on your plate. You know others are depending on you, and this sense of responsibility drives you to do your best to overcome any challenges or obstacles you face. This may require long hours and total commitment on your part, but your determination

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Dealing With Anxiety And Stress In The Workplace

Work has always been one of the major stressors in most people’s lives. This has perhaps never been truer than it is today. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and subsequent governmental lockdowns have sent economies reeling and cost millions of people their jobs or businesses. Many of those still working have had to adjust to

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Personal Leadership Strategy: Tips For Implementing A Personal Plan Of Action

Turning dreams into reality doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a clear personal leadership strategy--including a solid personal plan of action-- to make it happen. There are a number of great personal action plans available today that can help you turn your thoughts into actions to produce amazing results. The key is to understand and

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Tips For Dealing With Negativity In Your Life

Turn on the news and there is no shortage of negativity out there right now. Whether it’s at work, in your community, in your personal relationships, or between your own two ears, negativity is something that can be unavoidable. If left unchecked, it can bring down even the best leader. In this post we will

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How To Be More Productive While Sheltering In Place

The United States of America (like much of the rest of the world) is currently experiencing a rather unique event in its history: the voluntary shutdown of most of society to combat an infectious disease. Businesses have closed, institutions have shut down, and millions of people have either voluntarily stopped going to work or lost

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Tips For Leading In A Time Of Crisis

This is a time of crisis. The novel coronavirus pandemic that is gripping much of the world and wreaking havoc on economies across the globe has at least temporarily caused people in many nations to change the way they live. Many have changed personal habits and daily routines out of fear of contracting or spreading

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Essential Characteristics For Effective Personal Leadership

The Super Tuesday presidential primaries are behind us now, and the news is abuzz with stories about the rising and falling fortunes of candidates and former candidates. As the remaining contenders continue advancing through the process of what could be described as the world’s most extensive and intense job interview—in which the American people are

What Is Personal Leadership Development And Why Is It Important?

Personal leadership is applying positive leadership traits to your life at the most basic level—your personal life—in order to reach your full potential and realize goals that you’ve set out to achieve.Ghandi illustrated this well when he said, “I must first become the change I wish to see in others.”Once you start building your positive


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