Monthly Archives: March 2022

Autocratic Leadership Is Toxic

We live in a dangerous world, and a major reason is because of a lack of quality leadership. Today I would like to discuss how toxic “autocratic leadership” is harmful not only for government officials, but also for our businesses. Autocratic leadership exists for two major reasons. First, it is a by-product of the detestable

What You Need to Know About Leadership

I want to begin to discuss Servant Leadership, but before I get to this important modern philosophy, I need to begin by talking the oldest and most prominent type of leadership called “autocratic” leadership. It is based on a false premise that productive management must be “autocratic” in order to be effective and get things

7 Reasons Employees Don’t Do What They Are Asked

A reader of my bi-monthly newsletter sent me the following question: "I really get frustrated when I ask the people who work for me to do a task and they just don’t do it! What are the reasons that employees don’t do what they are asked to do?" There are seven reasons why people don’t

Just What Is Personal Leadership [Part 2]

In the second video on this topic, I want to again discuss with you the dynamic force of Personal Leadership Development. In Just What Is Personal Leadership [Part 1], we discussed how personal leadership is performing a deep dive self-analysis within our own lives beginning with a mission statement. Just like a business needs purpose,


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