Monthly Archives: November 2023

The Essential Need for Integrity in Leadership

Integrity - A Fundamental Trait of Effective Leadership Imagine a world where leaders consistently demonstrated honesty, fairness, and strong moral principles. A world where integrity was not merely a word, but a guiding force that shaped the decisions and actions of those in positions of power. Such a world would be full of trust, respect,

Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – November 13th, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week It is not unusual for individuals to conceal certain facts or information as they communicate. They may be afraid of our reaction or do not want to be the messenger of unwanted news. It is important to observe body language and listen closely to what isn’t being said. The solution

Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – November 6th, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week No one has yet to reach the limits of human intelligence, creativity, and the joy of discovery. The more we achieve and attain, the more knowledge and opportunities expand because they are limitless. Every day records are broken; new records are achieved, and greater human knowledge is attained. This means


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