How much should you pay a keynote speaker for hire?

Depending on the venue, size of the sponsor, and audience, the fees vary greatly. For example, a small non-profit may offer an honorarium of a few hundred dollars. For-profit organizations and conventions can pay fees from $4,000 to $15,000, depending on the authority and notoriety of the speaker. Celebrity speakers such as noted business executives,

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What to Expect In Leadership Training

You can expect a certain amount of reading and guided study to learn new ideas and concepts. This may include a workbook and videos to enhance your training. You can expect an interactive environment to reinforce and practice the new concepts you are learning. You can expect some self-analysis assignments to determine your present level

Why Should I Do a Leadership Course?

Leadership courses offer new and expanded skills. Among these include “soft skills” (encouraging and motivating others), vision to see the upcoming environment, strategy to prepare for the future, the ability to prioritize and focus on important tasks, and a positive attitude of enthusiasm and caring for others.


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