company hiring sign - how to prevent turnover

Even in today’s delicate job market, many organizations are plagued with a high number of employee resignations and turnover. Why do some organizations lose so many valuable employees?

Because many employees have been overloaded with extra work, more stress, and fewer resources, these workers are tremendously frustrated! Couple that with the feeling of a general lack of appreciation for a job well done or even frozen or reduced wages and benefits, and you have some seriously unhappy team members.

Today we will focus on one of the main reasons good employees flee an organization. Many employees resign from their managers, not their jobs. Simply put, a great leader is a positive force to those around him/her. Even if the company is falling apart, a good manager can filter the problems and still lead his or her team to be productive. This provides a stable, successful work environment.

A poor manager cultivates mediocrity and negativity. Even in successful organizations, a failed leader who is selfish, insensitive, or demanding can stir up problems and drive away good employees. This manager suffers from what I like to call Chronic Jerkism. Unfortunately, this is the type of manager that currently dominates the workplace.

Luckily, there is a cure for Chronic Jerkism…or at least a tonic to greatly lesson its effects on others. Even poor managers can grow to become good leaders. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come naturally—it has to be learned. There are many quality management development courses for those in supervisory positions that help develop positive traits and right attitudes for better management and leadership skills. A leadership coach or professional facilitator can provide training focused on personal growth and solid leadership principles.

Poor management can’t be fixed in a day. It is ongoing because change is a process, not a single event. Organizations have to make the choice. You can invest wisely in management training so that your management team can reach their full potential, or continue to spend money combating high turnover through constant hiring and retraining new employees.

Would you like to learn more about investing in management development to decrease turnover rates and increase productivity in your staff? We can help. Leadership Excellence provides leadership development training in several key areas to improve the success of your team and organization. We offer on-site management training in Cleveland, Akron, and Medina Ohio as well as personal business coaching. Our leadership training caters to the specific needs and challenges of your organization to get you measurable results.

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