Over the decades I have helped thousands of individuals learn how to establish goals for their personal life and business. Today, I would like to show you how to create your own Personal Mission Statement.

If you would like to know why this is so important, please watch my previous video, Why MOST Goals FAIL!  First, let me state this: there are many different and valuable ways for you to create your own Mission Statement.

In this video I just want to show you the template I use with my clients. More important than how you structure it is to finish it in writing and use it as your True North in the future.  So let’s begin.

I suggest you break your Personal Mission down into four short paragraphs that encompass the major areas of your life focusing on your desired future. These four parts are:

1) Your Beliefs and Values

2) Family Mission

3) Career or Calling Mission

4) Personal “Whole” Life Mission. Putting these parts together will help you to clarify a more complete life quest.

Now lets briefly discuss each of these…

1) Your Beliefs and Values

What is your moral code? What values give guidance to your daily life? Whether it is the “golden rule”, religious scriptures, a philosophy or another source, this is where you should begin! In this opening paragraph of your mission statement, strongly state your deeply held ethical principles and moral  code.

If you haven’t thought intensely about this before, it could be the most revealing part of your mission statement.

2) Family Mission

This includes your relationship(s) with your immediate and extended family. When all is “said and done”, family has greater importance to most individuals than anything else. If you want a happy and balanced family life, you also need to clarify what influence and level of sharing you desire. Of course, input from all family members will make your mission more attainable and fun to achieve! How do you want to “coach” each member to become all they can possibly be? What importance does your example, and your responsibility play?

3) Career or Calling Mission

Why do you actually work? Is it to find personal fulfillment, or simply to generate income for other interests in life? Do you want to change your career path? If so, how do you plan on making this change? Are there career skills you want to enhance or acquire? At the end of your career, what do you want others to say about your contribution in the workplace? If you are retired, what is the next adventure planned for your productive future years?

4) Personal “Whole” Life Mission

This part includes some of the most satisfying aspects of human life, and sadly most people put these off until retirement or never! 

How do you plan on maintaining a healthy body and mind? Do you need more education to fulfill a lifelong personal goal? Do you desire to “give back” to others for the blessings you have been granted?

What would you do for the rest of your life if money were not a limitation? Now it is time to sit down in a quiet environment, listen to your heart and write. Some individuals consolidate their statements from the first three parts to sum up their overall “Whole Life” mission.

Remember that this is your personal mission statement. Don’t rush the process, let your creativity express what is in your heart. 

Allow this document to be a vital extension of you! Take pride and ownership in what you write. If you experience mental gridlock, step away for a few hours and come back to it later. Work on it until the document reflects what you truly feel and believe. I have mine openly hanging on a wall behind my desk.

Allow me to give you some final pointers are you begin the creation process:

  • After you create your first draft you may want to have a discussion with a loved one or close advisor. Ask them if you are leaving anything out, or diminishing a strength, talent, or skill they see in you.
  • Work on it until it inspires you. The idea is for this document to motivate you when it is referred to in the future. It should reflect not just the way you are today, but what you hope to become in a better tomorrow!
  • Review it often. A good suggestion is to do this as part of a weekly or monthly meditation.
  • It should be allowed to be re-written as we grow and change. In time we all change and hopefully mature as we grow through life’s experiences. Expect to make adjustments to your mission and desires, as they will shift with age. I re-write mine every spring as I do a spiritual self-analysis.

I hope you have found this Mission Statement template helpful, and because you watched it until the end… I want to offer you a free “fillable form” template you can use to create your very own Personal Mission Statement!

To help you with your mission statement, click here for a FREE PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT TEMPLATE. 

If you need help, we also offer affordable, personalized leadership development training.

This is Greg Thomas on behalf of Leadership Excellence Ltd.  Consider that it was Mark Twain who said, “Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”   See you next time!

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