it's time for change

Do you ever feel like your career and your life are going nowhere? Feeling frustrated or trapped by your current job? Has your enthusiasm and “get-up-and-go” got up and left?

You aren’t alone. This feeling is shared by millions of employees around the world. Some feel like they are on a ship without a rudder, circling with no end in sight. There are many reasons for these feelings. It could be that there is an underlying emotional or physical illness present.

If you suspect this might be a contributing factor, it is worth checking out with a medical professional. These feelings could also indicate a conflict with your values or a lack of established goals. Or it could just be that your job stinks. If you have ruled out health issues, it might just be time for some type of change. Below are three types of changes you can make to get out of your rut.

Three Types of Changes that Can Renew Your Enthusiasm

Change your attitude.

Happiness is a choice. Each day you can choose to be happy or miserable in your current situation. We all face similar setbacks and problems in life. How we decide to react to what is thrown at us is what determines our level or happiness or frustration. If you can’t or won’t change your attitude, try changing your environment.

Change your environment.

The principle of cause and effect is at work here. Having trouble at home? It will carry over to the workplace and vice versa. If you are experiencing serious personal problems, they have to be addressed. Enlist the help of a professional for family, marriage, financial, abuse, or other problems. You don’t have to suffer alone. An ongoing personal problem might be the root cause of your feelings towards yourself or your job.

Need a change of scenery at work? If you feel you have a future with your current employer, request a transfer to another department or job. Such a change can bring back a level of excitement for new challenges and opportunities. Not a fan of your current employer? Make a change to a new one. However, if you haven’t addressed the root problem, that excitement will eventually fade and your problem will follow you wherever you go.

Change your future.

Is this possible? Absolutely! This can be done by changing how you think and how you handle daily situations. If you feel you should change careers, now is the time. Take some professional development or college courses, attend webinars, participate in online learning, and dust off that LinkedIn profile and start networking. The key is to move in a positive direction. Even tiny changes can help you feel better about yourself. Branching out and taking steps to better your life will give you hope. If you haven’t already, create a personal mission statement and stick with it! Check out our article, “Define Yourself with a Personal Mission Statement,” to get started.

The overarching theme here is CHANGE. In order to be happy, you have to be able to handle, embrace, and create change. Take a candid look at yourself and your current situation and determine what changes you can make to create a better tomorrow. Your future and your happiness depend on the choices and changes you make now!

Do you need help achieving the goals and change you want to see in your life? Our personal life coach is here to help you reach your fullest potential! Contact us today for more information or get a free services quote!

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