strength -representing mental toughness

What do effective leaders have in common? It isn’t physique, diet, or rituals that they share—it’s mental fortitude. We expect our leaders to be strong, level-headed, and unrattled by surprises that come their way. After all, where would Bill Gates be right now if he sat around whining about Apple and feeling sorry for himself instead of motivating his team to come up with new, innovative products to rival the competition?

6 Characteristics Good Leaders Share

Here are six characteristics good leaders share that help them handle the many challenges that accompany leadership roles:

1) Welcome Change

Change is new, different, and sometimes risky, but a good leader understands and embraces positive change. He or she sees the possibilities for growth and leads the charge to make things happen.

2) Stirred, Not Shaken

Great leaders don’t give others the power to make them feel bad. While constructive criticism is accepted and considered, personal attacks do not affect leaders who are confident and thoughtful.

3) No Whining

Personal leaders do not whine about or dwell on past wrongs or present injustices.  They understand that life is not fair and choose to step over hurdles (or kick them out of the way) in their paths, moving forward with a positive, can-do attitude regardless of the situation. The victim mentality has no place in leadership.

4) Not Owed Anything

Good leaders do not have a sense of entitlement and do not feel that others owe them anything. They work hard to be successful and accomplish their goals and motivate their team members to do the same.

5) No People Pleasing

You can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t try to. By treating others with respect, fairness, and kindness, most people will appreciate and respect you as leader.

6) Be Patient

History is filled with exemplary leaders who showed a great deal of patience and perseverance to overcome obstacles and impart great change. What would have happened if Winston Churchill had thrown in the towel in World War II? The results for Europe and the world would have been disastrous!  How about Thomas Edison? He tested no less than 6,000 vegetable growths to find a filament suitable for his lightbulb.

These are only a few leadership characteristics (there are many more) that good leaders share. By incorporating these into our daily lives, we can become leaders that our teams, our communities, and our families want to follow.

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