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Personal Business Coaching Services Cleveland

Running a business or managing a department is not for the faint of heart, and sometimes even the best business owners or managers need someone to help them solve their most pressing problems. This is where personal coaching services and small business coaching services come in.

Are you suffering from:

  • Burn out
  • Difficulty paying bills or making payroll
  • Excessive work hours
  • Staff turnover / hiring issues
  • Uncertainty in the current economy or fear of the future
  • A chaotic work environment
  • Loss of valued customers or clients

Small business coaching services helps owners of small to medium businesses or supervisors make better decisions and improve the bottom line. Are you starting a business, or is your established business stalling out? Are you struggling with leading your team or department? The majority of small businesses fail within a few years of creation because of a lack of experience, knowledge or self-discipline.

With individual personal coaching services, your business and training coach, Greg L. Thomas, will become your personal business consultant. Greg is a certified professional facilitator and Life Coach with over a decade of experience helping clients achieve success.

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What Personal Business Coaching Can Do for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business

When you begin working with our personal business coach, you will share informative and motivational 30-45 minute sessions together on-site or via web conferencing depending on your location and preference. Here is what you will learn:

  • Discover who and what you really are as a unique individual. What strengths do you have that will make your business more successful? In our second meeting you will take a personal assessment test that will reveal your strengths and opportunities for growth. You will quickly discover that great small business coaching services can make all the difference.
  • How to work on your business without being a prisoner trapped in the business. As a professional coach, Greg will teach you how to be able to spend more time with your family and reclaim the fun and freedom of being a business owner. You will learn time management and leadership skills so you can work smarter, not just harder, with long hours.
  • Why you need to create a distinctive business strategy and establish SMART goals to reach your business mission. We will provide the coaching wisdom, human resource experience and sales advice to get you to the next level of business growth.
  • To take action on your goals, help you to overcome barriers and measure results. Greg, your certified Cleveland Life Coach, helps you to be accountable to someone. As business consultants, our goal is to make you very successful.
  • Why a successful marketing and sales strategy is essential. Many great products or services fail simply because they don’t know how to market and sell their brand effectively.

Other Small Business Coaching Services

Life Coaching

Life coach services

We could all use a personal life coach to provide advice, motivation, and encouragement. A great life coach helps us make better decisions and reach a greater level of personal fulfillment.

Personal Leadership Development

Personal Leadership Development Programs for Individuals & Organizations

Leadership Excellence, Ltd. offers two unique training and development programs to enhance your leadership skills and self management training.

Personal Productivity Training

Personal Productivity Development

We provide the expert coaching and mentoring skills needed maximize your personal productivity to take you to new heights.

Time Management

Time Management Skills Training

The best possible training and management investment you can ever make is to use your time more wisely and effectively! With the My-Tyme® Success Planner, you can learn how to dramatically increase your productivity without putting in more hours.

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training Program

Our six-week Effective Communication® program will dramatically help you improve and enrich your communication skills.

Servant Leadership Training

Servant Leadership Training

Leadership Excellence specializes in helping leaders grow and thrive by developing essential servant leadership skills.

Smart Strategies for Actual Results with Our Personal Coaching Services

To expand your business, our small business consulting services can help you. We’ll utilize our years of experience to design distinct techniques for growing your brand and finding customers. Business consulting enables you to draw up a business strategy for increasing your audience and income. You use your time and resources to strategize for an enlightened future. That’s what happens when smart techniques and actual evidence are merged.

Consulting and coaching can help you:

  • Maximize your assets and your time
  • Create an efficient business model
  • Increase your income and reach
  • Learn specific marketing and business skills
  • Expand your customer base
  • Craft a strategy for setting up your business.

Consulting can assist you in developing and implementing this vision, and also in getting things done.

Contact us if you are ready to begin your first session with Greg, or are interested in learning more about how our personal coaching services in Northeast Ohio can benefit you. Greg offers on-site small business coaching in Cleveland, Akron, and surrounding areas or online business coaching based on your location and preference.

Download the brochure here:

Business Coaching Brochure

personal coaching services for a small business owner

Business Coach Services FAQs

Where to find a business coach2022-06-19T16:31:03-04:00

A person should do research and ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations when looking for personal business coaching or small business coaching services.

Additionally, look for someone with an established business, good clientele listing, years of corporate experience, and a reputation for great results. The coach should be able to provide references. Also, check their online reviews to see what past clients have to say.

What is a business advisor?2022-06-19T16:27:57-04:00

A business advisor is an interchangeable term with business coach.

Do employers hire business coaches for staff members?2022-06-19T16:26:36-04:00

Yes, but it is rare. In some cases, a CEO may hire a business coaches to help one of the members of his/her staff deal with particular issues. Sometimes an owner or HR manager will suggest business coaching for a staff member who is struggling to perform effectively. In this instance, it is typically due to a deficiency in a soft skill, such as communication or attitude.

What does a business coach / business consultant do?2022-06-19T16:25:27-04:00

A business coach first meets with the individual involved and begins by asking a series of probing questions to determine existing challenges and frustrations.

Afterwards, the coach diagnoses the issues and begins working with the client to overcome these challenges one by one.

Most coaches meet with their clients anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes coaching sessions. Clients can expect to see results immediately, particularly regarding increased focus and greater positivity.

How much does a business coach cost?2022-06-19T16:23:20-04:00

Typically, business coaches will charge anywhere from $50-200 per hour, depending the length of commitment and the complexity of the issues involved.

The cost of personal business coaching or small business coaching services can be written off as a business expenses with the IRS.

Do you need a business coach?2022-06-19T16:19:59-04:00

How do you know when it’s time to obtain business coach services? Everyone can benefit from a personal business coach. However, warning signs that business coaching my be helpful include: constant frustration, a dysfunctional culture or working environment, lack of performance, or a general feeling of malaise.

For business owners who have lost their passion, in many cases it may just be due to daily frustrations, which can be remedied with the help of a good business coach.

Can anyone be a business coach?2022-06-19T16:16:34-04:00

Technically, yes, as there is no formal accreditation process for business coaching services. However, legitimate business coaches can document years of experience, a client listing, and often a certification demonstrating specialized training in personal business coaching or small business coaching. Experience in a particular field can often be helpful.

How can a business coach help me / What can a business coach help with?2022-06-19T16:13:30-04:00

 A business coach can help provide clarity, focus, and guidance. This is typically done on a one-on-one level. Business coaches often are contacted by human resources managers and business owners. Owners themselves will often seek personal business coaches for guidance on how to best lead their company.

How are business coaches different than mentors?2022-06-19T16:10:55-04:00

Business coaches are different than mentors. A mentorship is usually a more of an personal relationship where someone acts as a role model to help you prepare for promotion or to assume a different position. Most mentors are not paid.

Many good organizations assign mentors to help people reach their potential more quickly.

Oftentimes mentors are employed by the same organizations. Often times they serve as role models to other staff members.

Business coaches are external independent contractors.

Is personal business coaching tax deductible?2022-06-19T16:05:48-04:00

Yes, personal business coaching is considered an acceptable business expense by the IRS.

What is the difference between a business consultant and a business coach?2022-06-19T16:03:01-04:00

The difference between a business consultant and a business coach is that a business consultant is more attuned to working with an organization’s problems, like executive staff, human resources, and the like. A business coach works more on a 1:1 level with one or two people, typically.

How do you know that business coaching isn’t working?2022-06-19T16:01:00-04:00

Signs that your business coaching isn’t working may include conflict with the coach, inconsistent growth, contradictory advice, or poor communication. In these cases, it is time to look for a business coach that better fills your specific needs. Typically to doesn’t take long to figure out that things aren’t working.

What is the difference between personal business coaching and personal coaching?2022-06-19T15:58:49-04:00

Personal business coaching generally deals only with business-related issues, while personal coaching may go into person’s private life beyond the business environment, if the client wishes for coaching in personal areas. Small business coaching services do not go beyond the business-related issues.

Are business coaches worth it?2022-06-19T15:55:51-04:00

The short answer is yes! A business coach can help you to clarify issues or challenges that you may not even immediately recognize.

A great business coach doesn’t tell you what to do. They ask a series of appropriate questions and offer guidance to help you reach the best solutions. Usually a business coach helps initially establish a number of goals to improve a situation or the environment.

The accomplishment of those goals is a good judge of the effectiveness of the business coach. Many of the achievements of the business coach are intangible and difficult to measure increased focus, improved attitude, higher level of positivity, and personal leadership development, improved communication skills.

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