Organizational Leadership and Team Development – Every organization needs effective leaders. Dynamic teams excel in soft-people skills and the ability to create a “can-do” environment. Effective Cleveland business leaders make difficult decisions at the right time and confidently take action.

Team Building Programs in Cleveland

Our team development consultant in Cleveland will help managers and their teams:

Team Building Programs in Cleveland and Medina OhioTap into personal leadership potential: Discover and build on current strengths while tapping into your potential, understanding self image, self motivation, and goal direction.

Learn to motivate through attitudes and habits: Learn about The Exchange System, satisfying needs, approaches to motivation, altering habits and attitudes, and dealing with demotivators.

Get the tools to build a winning team: Learn about the Team Environment Wheel, building a winning team, personal rewards, and the Slight Edge.

Improve productivity using communication: Understand effective communication concepts, including oral, written, and listening skills that will lead to a more successful team.

Increase team productivity: Receive tips for communicating and sharing goals, fostering a learning environment, creating and cultivating self-directed work teams, implementing training strategies, developing meeting strategies, and performing the Productivity Challenge.

Team Executive Coaching & Development – Leading Your Team Toward Success!

Organizational Leadership & Business Team Development –  5 Part Course Outline

Effective Team Development Brochure

ONE: Your Potential For Personal Leadership

  • Building On Current Strengths
  • The Rewards of Leadership
  • Your Untapped Potential
  • Self Image
  • Self Motivation
  • Goal Direction

TWO:  Motivation Through Attitudes and Habits

  • Satisfying Needs
  • The Exchange System
  • Traditional Approaches to Motivation
  • Motivation Through Attitudes and Habits
  • Altering Attitudes and Habits
  • Dealing with Demotivators

THREE:  Building A Winning Team

  • Building A Winning Team
  • The Slight Edge
  • Personal Rewards
  • The Team Environment Wheel

FOUR:  Improving Productivity Through Communication

  • Time for Communicating
  • Empathy in Communication
  • Clarifying with Effective Questions
  • Listening for the Total Message
  • Tips for Speed Reading
  • Writing for Maximum Impact
  • Communicating with Groups

 FIVE:  Increasing Productivity of the Team

  • Sharing and Communicating Goals
  • Creating a Learning Environment
  • Developing and Coaching Self-Directed
  • Work Teams
  • Positive Expectancy
  • Strategies and Methods for Training
  • Efficient Procedures
  • Productive Meeting Strategies
  • Celebrating Your Success
  • The Productivity Challenge

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