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9 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

As we run headlong into 2024, the tradition of setting New Year's resolutions is as vibrant as ever. However, research tells us that only 9% of those who make New Year's Resolutions actually keep them. Whether you're aiming to enhance your personal or professional life, especially in the realm of leadership, sticking to these resolutions

Honesty in Leadership: 3 Tips For Gaining The Trust Of Others

There are a number of essential qualities that good leaders should possess, and among the top of those is honesty. In the midst of corporate corruption and increasingly deceptive practices, employees of all ages value honest, transparent leaders. How important is it for our current and future workforce? A recent worldwide study of Gen

Who Are We? Leadership Development In Cleveland and Beyond

I am often asked what we do, and what kind of leadership development services we provide. Allow me to give you my elevator speech! Leadership Excellence Ltd was founded in April of 2009. As a leadership consultant in Ohio, I have a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Bellevue University and specialize in human resource development.

8 Things You Should Expect From A Business Consultant

The decision to bring in a business consultant is a big one. And a brave one. It typically means that, despite your blood, sweat, and tears, things aren’t going as hoped or expected, which is not abnormal. After all, the statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics show that only about 30% of

Tips To Get The Most From Your Leadership Coach

Many small business owners wonder if it’s worth investing in a leadership coach. The answer is usually YES! Chances are that you have a number of talents and abilities that can be developed in order to help you be as successful as possible both personally and professionally. But coaching can be a challenge. Sometimes it

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How To Manage Slackers In The Workplace

Behold the power of a slacker—able to stretch a 15-minute break into a half hour siesta. Seemingly incapable of completing a task in a timely fashion, yet capable of posting on their favorite social media sites on the hour like clockwork. Full of ideas and opinions for others, yet never actually following through with one

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Common Challenges Faced By Family-Owned Businesses (And Tips To Avoid Them)

Being part of a family-run business can be both enjoyable and challenging. According to SCORE, of the 28.8 million small businesses out there, about 19% are family owned, meaning the business is owned by two or more family members and the family has majority control. Because of family dynamics and the added stress of running

Tips For Getting (And Keeping) Your Small Business Off The Ground

Being a manager, business owner, and business coach/consultant for the past thirty five years has taught me a lot! Starting up and maintaining a business is a challenge, even for many seasoned entrepreneurs, which is why the majority of businesses fail in their first year. Challenging…but possible with the right tools. For all you current

Labor Day Is Good For Leaders, Too

Have you ever really stopped to consider why Americans celebrate Labor Day? Most people enjoy it because the extra day off gives them a three-day weekend at the end of summer for one final barbeque or one last getaway before school. Few people reflect on the movement that forged the holiday's existence or the sacrifices

6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Business Consultant For Your Organization

If you are a business owner searching for business consultants, you will find no shortage of them! But how do you sift through the various options to find the best consultant for your specific needs? Finding the Best Business Consultant in Cleveland for Your Needs Every organization is different, so it is worth doing some


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