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Organizational Leadership Development—Stack The Deck With Leaders At Every Level

A recent survey published by Deloitte University Press identified twelve critical issues that plague organizations. The Global Human Capital 2014 Trends study reveals that leadership is still the top talent issue organizations around the world are facing. In fact, 86% of those surveyed ranked the leadership issue as "urgent" or "important." Equally as revealing was

How To Combat Group Think In Your Organization – 5 Tips For Leaders

Group think is the tendency of a group of decision makers to agree on a decision or join together around a policy or person without questioning the legitimacy of a policy or decision. What results? Poor decisions that can harm an organization. Group cohesiveness is a great thing, but group think takes this concept to

What’s The Payoff? – Why Amazon And Zappos Got It Right

Business owners face many challenges, and among the many challenges they face is creating a productive and pleasant work environment.  Are your employees happy and committed to their jobs?  How do you know?  Are they really going to be honest with the boss if they are simply asked?  These are difficult questions to answer, but


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