Who Are We? Leadership Development In Cleveland and Beyond

I am often asked what we do, and what kind of leadership development services we provide. Allow me to give you my elevator speech! Leadership Excellence Ltd was founded in April of 2009. As a leadership consultant in Ohio, I have a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Bellevue University and specialize in human resource development.

Small Business Hiring Challenges in the Covid Era (and Tips to Find Employees)

There's no doubt that many small to mid-sized businesses were battered by the COVID-19 pandemic. As those left standing start to recover, a new challenge is hampering efforts: a severe lack of qualified workers. The National Federation of Independent Business conducted a survey in September 2021 showing that 51% of owners had job openings that

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Score Touchdowns When You Hire With Pre-Employment Assessments

The beginning of the football season is almost upon us, and here in America fans are waiting for their favorite professional and amateur teams to take the field. One of the biggest story lines during the NFL offseason centered around Oakland Raider wide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown was traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this

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Five Tips For Avoiding Bad Hires In 2019

A new year is almost upon us, and it will be full of new challenges and achievements. As the year ends, some market indexes have fallen into a bear market while others threaten to follow. Political gridlock in Washington has resulted in a partial government shutdown, and international trade tensions continue to run high. Yet

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Three Hiring Tips To Help You Hire The Best Employees

Millions of Americans went to the polls this week in the United States to essentially hire candidates to fill scores of governmental positions for their states. Election day also mercifully brought an end to the campaign season. Although Americans may not typically think of campaigns as job interviews or hiring decisions, that is precisely what

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How To Combat High Employee Turnover

Even in today’s delicate job market, many organizations are plagued with a high number of employee resignations and turnover. Why do some organizations lose so many valuable employees? Because many employees have been overloaded with extra work, more stress, and fewer resources, these workers are tremendously frustrated! Couple that with the feeling of a general

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The Achiever Pre-Employment Screening Test: What It Is And How It Can Save Your Business Money

In a previous article, “Hiring the Right People:  Benefits of Pre-Employment Screening,”we highlighted the importance of carefully selecting employees to decrease future turnover and improve productivity, to increase safety and security by lowering the risks of making a negligent hire, and to ensure greater compliance with industry regulations.  Toward the end of that article, we

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Hiring The Right People: Benefits Of Pre-Employment Screening

Congratulations!  Your company is off the ground and running, and you find that you need to hire employees from the labor market to meet demand.  This is an exciting time in the life of an enterprise, but it is also a time to proceed with caution and care.  Perhaps you have heard parents warn their

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Interview Questions To Ask Applicants

This week, the U. S. Labor Department reported that employers advertised for more open positions at the end of April than had been previously recorded in the fifteen years the government has been tracking the statistic.  With hiring on the rise, employers and potential employees will find themselves engaged in more job interviews in the

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