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Crossing The River Before It’s Too Wide—When To Change Course

If you live near a river, you know that it has narrow and wide points. Typically the river will start out fairly narrow and widen as it continues the journey to its final destination. Early settlers often traveled and crossed over our rivers to get from one location to another. Surely they discovered that some

Can You REALLY Have It All?

One myth that has been thrown around in our modern workplace for the past several decades is the idea that you can have it all, but is that really possible? The short answer is NO. It is impossible to commit adequate time to all the responsibilities, needs, and relationships that we juggle with work, family,

Seizing On An Opportunity: Which Definition Fits You?

The verb seize has many different definitions.  One definition of seize is to make instant use of something (such as a situation, chance, or opportunity) to one’s advantage.  Another definition of seize, which is more commonly used to refer to the movement of mechanical parts, is to become locked or bound together and stop moving

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here Are 8 Steps To Help You Cope

Does your breakfast usually consist of a coffee to go and something strongly resembling cardboard that is scarfed down on the way to work? Are you ready to collapse by lunchtime? Does your “free time” consist of the commute to and from work? Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel with no way

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