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Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – November 13th, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week It is not unusual for individuals to conceal certain facts or information as they communicate. They may be afraid of our reaction or do not want to be the messenger of unwanted news. It is important to observe body language and listen closely to what isn’t being said. The solution

Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – November 6th, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week No one has yet to reach the limits of human intelligence, creativity, and the joy of discovery. The more we achieve and attain, the more knowledge and opportunities expand because they are limitless. Every day records are broken; new records are achieved, and greater human knowledge is attained. This means

Understanding the Importance of a Leadership Development Plan

In this article, you will learn about the importance of having a leadership development plan. We will discuss what a leadership development plan entails, what key components are included, and how to create an effective plan for your own professional growth. Additionally, we will touch upon the benefits of having a well-defined leadership development plan

Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – May 22nd, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week Leadership Tip for the Week: Many people spend their lives on the trivial and unimportant. They never really stop to ask “why” they do the things they do. A clear sense of purpose enables us to focus our efforts on the things that matter most. A diffused light has limited

Honesty in Leadership: 3 Tips For Gaining The Trust Of Others

There are a number of essential qualities that good leaders should possess, and among the top of those is honesty. In the midst of corporate corruption and increasingly deceptive practices, employees of all ages value honest, transparent leaders. How important is it for our current and future workforce? A recent worldwide study  of Gen “Y”

Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – January 30th, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week Everything is created twice. First, it is created in the mind and becomes a vision. This visionary picture stimulates us with a desire, and secondarily an action. Therefore, appreciate the astonishing power of your imagination. Using your mind to imagine positive events and outcomes opens up your incredible potential. But

3 Ways to Have the Best Year Ever

This is Greg Thomas. Welcome to the Leadership Excellence channel. As we are in the first part of 2023, I want to take a few moments to encourage you to make this a pivotal year in your life. I would like to offer you just three essential points or ways to enhance your life during

52 Leadership Tips – Tip #14: Leadership & Trust

 Leadership and Trust Here is the transcript to my audiobook chapter, Tip #14 - Leadership and Trust, from my book, 52 Leadership Tips That Will Change How You Lead Others. You can find the entire audiobook for free on YouTube by clicking here. Trust is the glue that makes effective leadership possible. The American

Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – January 23rd, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week For many individuals, Monday morning is considered the beginning of a new work week. Just like our daily morning thoughts influence the course of an entire day, the same is true of our work week. Start your new week enthusiastically, expecting the best. Using positive personal affirmations can help to

Leadership Tip and Quote for the Week – January 16th, 2023

Leadership Tip for the Week Leadership Tip for the Week: Don’t focus on the things you lack, or missed opportunities. This is a byproduct of negative thinking and will result in the self-sabotage of your dreams and goals. Instead, look at your life as a glass “half-full” with plenty of new opportunities just ahead. Be

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