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Leadership Quote and Tip for the Week – May 16th, 2022

Leadership Tip for the Week: Most people incorrectly measure success by the amount of money they possess, or by the achievement of celebrity status. The true measure of success is how far you have come in life from where you started, and your steadfast determination to overcome any obstacle that is placed in your path.

Which Type of Leadership Motivation Is Best?

One of the primary roles of a productive leader is to learn how to motivate people. The word “motivation” is a combination of two words: motive and action. It is the reason why we take action or movement. There are actually three primary ways to motivate others. One of the three is simply the best

An Introduction to Servant Leadership

 For decades I have coached individuals and organizations on how to embrace the Servant Leadership approach and mindset. Today I would like to provide a brief introduction to the servant leadership philosophy. I will have a number of videos on this topic, but the first thing I want to do in this video is

Autocratic Leadership Is Toxic

We live in a dangerous world, and a major reason is because of a lack of quality leadership. Today I would like to discuss how toxic “autocratic leadership” is harmful not only for government officials, but also for our businesses. Autocratic leadership exists for two major reasons. First, it is a by-product of the detestable

What You Need to Know About Leadership

I want to begin to discuss Servant Leadership, but before I get to this important modern philosophy, I need to begin by talking the oldest and most prominent type of leadership called “autocratic” leadership. It is based on a false premise that productive management must be “autocratic” in order to be effective and get things

Personal Leadership Webinar, Part 1 [Video]

Today I want to offer you some excerpts from a personal leadership webinar I gave a few years ago.  In part one of this webinar series, I want to discuss:  The purpose of a mission statement The first of the twelve principles of personal leadership (visionary goals), and The benefits of using some positive affirmations 

Just What Is Personal Leadership? [Part 1]

Today, in the first video on this topic, I want to discuss with you the dynamic force of Personal Leadership. I am often asked, "What is Personal Leadership, and why is it so important?" It’s a great question and today we will answer it. Allow me to begin with a comparison. In business, a good

How To Create Your Own Personal Mission Statement [Free Downloadable Template]

Over the decades I have helped thousands of individuals learn how to establish goals for their personal life and business. Today, I would like to show you how to create your own Personal Mission Statement. If you would like to know why this is so important, please watch my previous video, Why MOST Goals FAIL! 

Who Are We? Leadership Development In Cleveland and Beyond

I am often asked what we do, and what kind of leadership development services we provide. Allow me to give you my elevator speech! Leadership Excellence Ltd was founded in April of 2009. As a leadership consultant in Ohio, I have a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Bellevue University and specialize in human resource development.

Motivational Minute: Why Do We Face Obstacles?

Today I welcome you to experience “A Motivational Minute.” Don’t ever forget the promise and opportunity offered by each new day. We can’t change the past, but the decisions we make beginning today will forever change your future. So let’s get started on a motivational minute. Many of us get frustrated when we face obstacles

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