Bad hires account for millions of dollars in losses for companies each year. In fact, according to a study conducted by CareerBuilder, 41% of respondents said that one hiring mistake had cost them at least $25,000 while 25% said the number was around $50,000.

Give Your Ohio Business an Advantage with The Judgment Value Profile

Employee Assessment Tools for businesses

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There are a variety of personal assessment tools out there, and many evaluate emotional wellness, intelligence, or personality traits. They are intended to determine whether a perspective or current employee will be a good match or your organization, or if they are equipped to move up the ladder to positions of higher leadership.

But what these screening tools can’t tell you is what kind of judgment a person has. See, it doesn’t matter how intelligent an employee is or how personable they are if they exhibit poor judgement. In the end, employees with good judgement will make smart effective decisions, which will ultimately result in the best outcomes.

Leadership Excellence ltd. is proud to be one of a handful of business consulting firms in the country trained to administer a Judgment Value Profile,  the exclusive judgement assessment used by the Citadel and other top organizations to hire, develop, and promote the right people for the right positions. This profile uses the science of formal axiology, developed by Robert S. Hartman. It provides rational answers to many of questions about human values. Our personal values are the keys to our personalities, to self-knowledge, and how we understanding others. This judgment value profile unveils our values and our personalities. It is immensely useful in counseling, business consulting, employer-employee relations, ethics, and wherever values matter. This Value Judgment Profile is used by many organizations as a pre-employment assessment and as a growth mentoring tool for existing employees.

Hire the Right People with The Achiever Pre-Employment Assessment

In addition to The Judgment Value Profile assessment tool, we also utilize The Achiever. This pre-employment assessment, one of the most comprehensive, in-depth assessments for hiring employees available in the United States today. The Achiever will help you gain unique insight into an applicant’s personality dimensions and mental aptitude so you can make the best hiring decisions possible.

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