The effective training and development of existing managers, executives, and future leaders is essential for the survival and growth of any organization. Management development includes the processes by which managers consciously learn and improve their skills to not only to benefit themselves, but also the organization and employees they serve. The key to this is formal leadership and management education.

Executive and Management Development Programs in Cleveland and Medina Ohio

Leadership Skill Training for Management & Executives

The Cleveland-based business consultants at Leadership Excellence Ltd are the experts in management and executive development, coaching and training. Talented individuals dramatically improve their skills and leadership traits when they make effective positive changes in how they manage and interact with others. Some management development programs provide superficial tips and sayings under the guise of “management training.” In contrast, our managerial training and development program focuses on the permanent growth of your people and their ability to lead others by acquiring excellent managerial skills, better productivity and leading by their example. Our proven change process includes building on an individuals strengths, improving time management and developing leadership skills. This management development program is measurable and yields lasting positive results.

It is a mistake to simply “hope” that your management training is actually occurring in-house by your own internal mentoring and coaching efforts. Many overwhelmed Human Resource departments attempt to do this with little success. Another mistake is to think that change can occur by sending some of your best managers to a cheesy 1-day seminar. Two days later everything learned at the seminar is quickly forgotten because change is a process, not an event. You can trust Leadership Excellence to provide a professional, proven management development process for your organization.

Management Training Programs

Our Effective Management Development® program for Cleveland area organizations is a comprehensive ten week course that transforms ordinary managers and executives into the proactive leaders of others. Here are some of the management development skills we mentor:

  • Proactively move beyond a manager to the role of providing leadership.
  • Manage your day effectively with a superior time management system.
  • Balance management authority and power in a positive and productive way.
  • Develop a positive “can-do” approach to everyday problems.
  • Embrace team development and the increased productivity that is generated through increased collaboration.
  • Expand your personal relationships through enhanced communication skills.
  • Accelerate your mentoring and coaching skills to empower others to become more effective.

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We encourage you to look at our brochure on the Effective Management Development program. Our training and development process provides the skills to re-tool an individual, or an entire team to new dimensions of management education. Contact us today to start our results-driven management development program.

executive and management training for leaders

Our Business Consulting Services

Business Team Development

Team Executive Coaching & Development

Our team building program for business team members helps tap into personal potential, teaches individuals to motivate through attitudes and habits, gives team members the tools to build a winning team, improves productivity, and more!

Team / Staff Development

Team / Staff Development Programs

Our Effective Team Dynamics® is a comprehensive course that authenticates how talented individuals can be unified into a high performing team.

Management Development

Executive / Management Development Programs

Our Effective Management Development® program for Cleveland area organizations is a comprehensive ten-week course that transforms ordinary managers and executives into the proactive leaders of others.

Time Management & Productivity

Time Management & Productivity Training Programs

Using The Effective Personal Productivity® program, we provide the expert coaching and mentoring skills needed maximize your team’s personal productivity to take your business to new heights. 

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training Program

Our six-week Effective Communication® program will help individuals, managers, and their teams dramatically improve and enrich their level of communication skills.

Employee Assessments

Pre-Employment and Employee Assessment Tools

Our pre-employment and employee assessments can help you hire and promote the right people to the right positions.

Sales Training Programs

Sales Training Programs

Our Effective Selling Strategies® program is one of the best sales training programs available. This six-week course will change the way you think about sales and how you sell. It covers the complete selling cycle from defining your market, to prospecting, to marketing and presentation, to overcoming stalls and objections, to closing the sale.

Small Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting & Training

We provide 1:1 online or in-person business coaching in Cleveland, Medina, and surrounding areas. We also offer web conferencing anywhere in the country.

Sessions are tailored to your specific needs, so you aren’t spending money on a “one-size-fits-all” program.

Servant Leadership Training

Servant Leadership Training

Leadership Excellence specializes in helping leaders grow and thrive by developing essential servant leadership skills.

About Our Leadership Training for Managers and Executives

Equipping Your People to Achieve Your Goals With Our Effective Management Development®

Organizations thrive on good management; or sink in its absence. Dynamic managers excel in people skills and the ability to create a motivational environment, whereas effective managers make the right decisions at critical moments.

LMI’s Effective Management Development Course is designed to develop the skills and habits needed to help you grow your management team to maximize decision-making, innovation, and success. Here is what we focus on to build leadership skills in managers and executives:

• Taking on leadership responsibility

• Manage using written goals

• Productivity and time management skill development for better productivity

• Empower other team members

• Productively balance power and authority

• Create a specific Plan of Action for better success

• Gain enhanced communication skills

• Motivate others (beyond money)

• Learn to effectively handle constant change and stress

• Develop next level decision- making skills

• Commit to team achievement and excellence