Industrial and Manufacturing sales trainingThe manufacturing sector is growing, but the selling environment is becoming increasingly challenging. With industrial and manufacturing sales, buyers often put price, availability, and speed above quality and are not as loyal to brands as they once were.

The competition is global, with low-cost products from manufacturers in foreign markets edging out those produced here at home.

So how can your sales team overcome these challenges? By having the right skills to prospect, present, sell, and retain customers.

Industrial Sales Training and Manufacturing Sales Training for Cleveland Area Businesses

The days of having salespeople waiting for the phone to ring to get orders is over. Your sales force has to be proactive and flexible to find buyers, sell more, and win sales prospects over. Leadership Excellence provides custom Sales Training Cleveland for the manufacturing sector.

In our six-course Effective Selling Strategies ® program, your sales person or sales team will learn manufacturing sales training tips that get measurable results. Find out how to:

  • Learn the art of prospecting
  • Prepare a great sales presentation
  • Recognize buying signals / discover prime buying motives
  • Become an expert closer
  • Handle price and other objectives with ease
  • Develop a “hunter” instinct
  • Develop effective networking and relationship skills
  • Have a successful attitude and professional behavior
  • Perform productive daily sales planning
  • Recognize and overcome objections
  • Learn follow-up and customer service strategies that lead to more sales
  • And More!

Sales Training for the Manufacturing Sector

The best salespeople are self-motivated, focused, and have crystallized goals. They understand what it takes to turn a “no” into a “yes” and can respond quickly. They have a true desire to fill the real needs of their customers.

Leadership Excellence (Business Consultant Cleveland) has years of experience helping clients in the industrial and manufacturing sectors develop effective leaders, and salespeople.

In fact, one of our clients has recently been listed in The Inc. 500/5000 lists as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the nation. Companies are ranked by their overall revenue growth over a three-year period.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level, increase sales, and boost your bottom line? CLICK HERE to get a free online quote on our Effective Selling Strategies® program, or let us know what specific aspect of sales you would like to improve on and we can customize a program for you! Whether you need to train one person or a large sales force, we can help!