Personal productivity is a set of skills that allow you to use time, energy and other resources in a productive way to maximize achievement. The business consultants at Leadership Excellence Ltd are the experts in time management and productivity skills training for Cleveland-area organizations. Your organization will improve when your people make effective positive changes in how they think about tasks, their work and interact as a team. Some productivity programs simply make you a servant to a task list. Others provide superficial tips and “sayings” under the guise of “management training.” In contrast, our personal productivity program focuses on your people … their values, self-esteem, confidence levels, leadership beliefs, and self-motivation. Our proven process of positive behavior change, improved time management and leadership skills development can be measured, and results are astounding.

Personal Productivity and Time Management in the Workplace

Personal development is the wellspring of success and a basic part of human nature, yet many lack the principles and direction they need to accomplish their goals. We offer several personal productivity programs to teach these principles. We provide the expert coaching and mentoring skills needed maximize your personal productivity to take you to new heights. The Effective Personal Productivity® program will help you or your employees:

  • Increase your productivity by showing you how to control priorities.
  • Improve your leadership skills and teach you how to empower others effectively.
  • Expand your coaching abilities and personal productivity through enhanced communication skills.
  • Develop a positive “can-do” attitude and a creative approach to solving problems.
  • Manage your day and avoid interruptions with the My-Tyme® time management system.
  • Thrive in a learning environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge.
  • Become a genuine leader in team development and the increased productivity that comes through collaboration.
  • Set SMART goals and achieve tangible results.

Click the link below to see our Effective Personal Productivity® program brochure:

Effective Personal Productivity Brochure

This management training program is available in-house or presented as a live webinar. Click the button below for more info or if would like to get your organization started on our Effective Personal Productivity® program. For more information on how this valuable program can help your organization, contact us for a free 15-minute consultation.