A sale is the action of selling a desired product or service in exchange for money or other compensation. Whereas, marketing comprises all the efforts that you make to reach and persuade prospects to purchase, the sales process includes all the efforts you perform to close the sale and get a commitment from the customer to purchase.

Sales Training Programs for Cleveland and Medina Organizations

For most organizations, generating sales is what produces the income that allows the company to function, and fulfill its mission.

Leadership Excellence, Ltd understands what achieving sales is all about! After all, as a business consultants we sell professional development services to individuals and organizations in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and across the country. Our president spent over thirty successful years as a corporate National and Regional Sales Manager before starting this company. We have premier sales, coaching and mentoring programs available for you, along with vast experience to help you grow your business through increased sales training. Then we show you how to sustain that growth. As a respected business consulting company, Leadership Excellence, Ltd will help you develop a complete sales, marketing strategy and Corporate Sales Training programs Cleveland. We have the selling experience, training and mentoring skills to produce top sales performers in your organization. Here are some of the areas we cover in our extensive sales training program:

  • The power of target marketing. How sales and marketing work together seamlessly.
  • Methods of prospecting that get results and how they increase your market share.
  • A winner’s attitude … and sales approaches that sell.
  • Exceptional time management and communication skills.
  • Listening to discover the prime buying motives of your customers.
  • Overcoming the stalls and objections that your sales force encounters.
  • Recognizing buying signals and choosing the right time and approach to close the sale.
  • Value added customer service skills and networking for sales referrals.
  • The art of prospecting for new customers. How to define your target market and develop the sales and marketing “hunter” instinct.
  • How to prepare effective sales presentations that show your professionalism and product knowledge.
  • The professional selling ability to recognize buying signals and discover a potential clients prime buying motives.
  • New skills to become an expert closer and what it takes to get the “second” or last look at a potential sale.
  • How to handle selling price and other objections.
  • Ways to improve your communication skillspersonal organization and time management.
  • Effective networking and how to strengthen relationship building to increase your sales.

Effective Selling Strategies

Our Effective Selling Strategies® program is one of the best sales training programs available in Cleveland and surrounding areas. This six week course will change the way you think about sales and how you sell. It covers the complete selling cycle from defining your market, to prospecting, to marketing and presentation, to overcoming stalls and objections, to closing the sale. Sign up now to start benefiting from powerful selling strategies that will increase sales and boost your bottom line.

Click the link below to see our Effective Selling Strategies® program brochure:

Successful sales personnel are self-motivated, professional, organized, focused, and possess influential communication skills. They understand what it takes to turn a “no” into a “yes” and have developed the selling ability to respond quickly and think creatively on their feet. They are confident about their sales abilities and knowledgeable about their products or services. For more information on the Effective Selling Strategies® program or to get a quote, click the button below. If you want to speak with Greg, please schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn more about what Leadership Excellence offers. This sales training program is available to be conducted in-house at your location or live via web conferencing.