What is a team? The very term invokes the image of a group of individuals enthusiastically working together to accomplish a common goal. Team and Staff Development Programs for Cleveland-Area OrganizationsIn our complex 21st century, teams are especially fitting to conduct tasks that require multiple skill-sets, and have many interdependent responsibilities. The truth is that for complex multi-part tasks, teams consistently produce higher quality results and can accomplish more than individuals who work independently.

How do you successfully blend a group of people with diverse personalities, backgrounds, interests, skills and relational differences into a productive and harmonious team? As a leading business consulting company in Cleveland and surrounding areas with extensive management experience, Leadership Excellence Ltd understands the challenges and common pitfalls that groups of people have when attempting to work together. We provide staff and team development, coaching and training.

Our experts will mentor your team to dramatically improve their communication skills, interpersonal relationships and latent leadership traits. Our team training and development program focuses on the cohesive team work of your people, and their ability to accept and mutually celebrate the diversity offered by others group members. Leadership Excellence Ltd will provide you with a professional team development process for your organization.

Team Building in the Workplace

Our Effective Team Dynamics® is a comprehensive course that authenticates how talented individuals can be unified into a high performing team. Here are some of the team building skills we will coach your staff, department or executive team to incorporate:

  • Learning what healthy organizations do right with team development – Using teamwork to develop great strategy.
  • Identifying your organizational culture – Is it team-based or a pack of lone wolves? How team building activities can help.
  • Sharing mutual goals, ideas and time management habits to improve team work.
  • Understanding the social and relational differences among diverse people to develop the ultimate team.
  • Using advanced communication skills and listening for the total message.
  • Negotiating power, authority and dealing with the challenging egos of team members.
  • Dealing with change and stress in a team environment.

Our Dynamic Team & Staff Development Training program for Cleveland-Area Businesses

We invite you to schedule a 15-minute complimentary, no-obligation phone call with Greg to learn more about what our program can do for your organization. Click the button below to get more information or a free quote for our powerful team training and development program, which provides the management education, skills and attitude change needed for your group to become a high performing, cohesive dream team.