Client Testimonials

Greg has been so helpful with our group in teaching us how to communicate better, We have a small family business and communication has always been an issue . Greg is always on time and professional and very easy to open up to , We want to hire him full Time as an employee! Highly recommend!

Kelly Carrino
Small Business Administrator

Greg led our executive team through a leadership development program called Effective Personal Productivity. It dramatically helped our time management skills and leadership qualities. He likes to say that “change is a process, not an event.” This process made our entire executive team better and brought us closer together. Greg is energetic and passionate about people and their growth. As both a trainer and coach he is exceptional and as a business owner I recommend him highly.

David Mielke
President, M.W. Mielke, Inc.

Your program, “Effective Personal Productivity,” was very beneficial to me as president of HHL Group, Inc. I learned so much and am sure it will definitely affect the productivity of this firm. I would absolutely recommend you and your program to other businesses to help them be productive in their business and personal lives. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the “Effective Personal productivity” program.

Laurie Price
President, HHL Group

This course is not simply a business improvement course but a life improvement course as well. You learn how these same principles can be applied to you personal life. Whether you are faced with a career change, health problems or just need some focus, this course can help give you a structure to accomplish your goals. Greg has an excellent way of relating the lessons to actual day to day work activities. He is very supportive of your situation and genuinely cares about helping you improve your business and as a person. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve on their business or personal life.

Kent Von Der Vellen
One America Securities

I thank you for all your time and I learned a lot and found the classes very knowledgeable and enlightening. I want to personally thank you for your training.

Tim Ashburn
Senior Mechanical Estimator at Enlightenment Companies Holdings LLC

I recently took the Effective Personal Productivity course with Greg as the facilitator for the program. He did a fantastic job presenting the material in a captivating way through the use of humor, great training materials and powerful real life examples. His passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter was evident through the entire 6 week course. Greg is a great presenter, teacher and motivator. He inspired me to make long lasting changes in both my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend participating in anything that Greg facilitates, and especially taking his course on personal productivity if you truly want to be a more productive and effective leader.

Nicholas Standering
Director of Cultural Arts, City of Mentor

The Personal Leadership and Productivity program proved to be of value on several levels. For our new senior management team, it generated camaraderie, trust and an appreciation for the workload each carries. The organizational tools, training on developing efficient work habits and focus on goal achievement will help each of us to better manage those workloads, enhance team communication and improve results. By the end, we felt that doing the important would win over the urgent and that the urgent would be reduced due to greater planning, communication and efficiency. Finding the way to practice greater work/life balance was a plus. Greg’s relaxed yet professional demeanor kept sessions and progress on track.

Melissa Pearce
President/CEO CAW/M

I want to thank you for introducing me to the EPF (Effective Personal Productivity) program offered by Leadership Management lnstitute. lt has had a powerful impact in my life. Having had an interest in personal development for quite some time, I was quite skeptical at first, thinking “l’ve probably heard all this before.” Although the concepts of the program (Goals Achievement, Time Management, Controlling Priorities, Communications, Empowering the Team, and Team Productivity) were not foreign to me, I was pleasantly surprised at the process that LMI implements to achieve results. Most of the workshops, seminars, and training I have attended in my career have consisted of information, entertainment, or short-lived motivation. The LMI programs include the actual application of material and ideas. This makes all the difference. I am very pleased to state that t have been able to make measurable progress in my life and career as a result of your services. I would not hesitate to recommend your skills to anyone. Thank you again.

Jim Healey

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the “Effective Communication” program offered by Leadership Excellence Ltd. Greg L Thomas was my mentor for this program.

Greg is himself a great communicator who was able to motivate me effectively. He had the tremendous capacity to quickly observe my own areas needing improvement, and provided customized training. I learned many new concepts and practical skills like such as ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and Carefrontation in this program that opened up an entirely new way of thinking and speaking. He was always very responsive and helped me to learn how to apply powerful communication skills in my professional… as well as personal life. Greg Thomas is the type of individual, who, once you have met him, you are a better person.

The benefits of this program have most certainly changed forever how I communicate. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to improve their business and personal effectiveness! Come with an open mind, and with lots of questions and scenarios, you will be amazed by the out-of-the-box suggestions and skills this program will give you.

Vijay Radhakrishnan
Senior Technologist, R&D, The J.M. Smucker Company

I appreciate the rigor and depth of thought you brought to the course. It stretched me personally and professionally and made think. Hopefully that was your goal as well – if so, mission accomplished!

Bethany Dentler
CEcD Executive Director, MCEDC

I just finished my 6 sessions sales training course with Greg today and what a great program it was! I learned so much from his course not only for my sales career but for my personal life, as well. 5/5 would recommend to anyone who is looking to build their knowledge on how to sell.

Ryan Jenkins
Concept Sales Electrical Solutions Provider

Greg provided a customized presentation to our entire staff entitled “Business Professionalism, Personal Leadership and Productivity” that touched on a number of areas where we would like to see our staff improve. His presentation combined real-life examples with practical suggestions people could immediately employ.

Bob Kissling
Director of Human Resources, Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Greg has helped me organize my time within my business and helped me develop a more comprehensive marketing plan. He is one of the most positive people I have every known and his encouragement is priceless!

Sandy Messer
Small Business Owner

I highly recommend the Leadership and Productivity course written and facilitated by Greg. The course content is knowledgeable, insightful and inspiring. As a budding entrepreneur starting an Empowerment and Leadership Consulting business, the instruction I received has provided me with more proven methods and processes to use with the clients I work with. Two of my biggest take-aways from the program were the importance of creating a Personal Mission statement to ensure that my goals are in alignment with my purpose and the other is the power of Active Listening and how having that skill creates respect and mutual understanding for the parties involved. Those two things alone have impacted my life in the most positive way. Greg was caring and supportive while providing guidance through the course. He’s a great communicator that uses humor and candor to emphasize what’s being taught. Thank-you Greg, for working with me and assuring that I got the very best of what the course offers!

Toni L. Thompson CLC
Founder, Creator of CMT Consulting

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