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Millions of Americans went to the polls this week in the United States to essentially hire candidates to fill scores of governmental positions for their states. Election day also mercifully brought an end to the campaign season. Although Americans may not typically think of campaigns as job interviews or hiring decisions, that is precisely what the electorate engages in when they cast their votes. Unfortunately, the process is usually long and messy, decisions are often not carefully considered, and mistakes are frequently made. That is just the name of the game when democracy is practiced in a representative republic. However, if the hiring practices in your company can also be characterized as messy, inefficient, and error-prone, you need to reexamine how your organization goes about selecting new employees because chronic long-term mistakes can be fatal to your enterprise. The following are some suggestions to for improving your hiring process, which will in turn improve the overall health of your business.

1. Handle each new opening differently. A one-size-fits-all approach to hiring does not really work well given that each position in an organization requires different talents and skill sets. Therefore, do a thorough job analysis to fully understand what it is your company needs, and make sure the job description clearly outlines the expectations and responsibilities of the position so that potential candidates can accurately assess their ability to fill the role. Doing so will also give you a good baseline against which to measure your new employees future performance. If more than basic skills or tasks are desired from a potential employee for the job under consideration, make this clear up front and articulate what additional duties will be expected of the employee. This will help prevent the new hire from feeling unfairly treated or ambushed when these particulars arise later, which will increase the employee’s job satisfaction.

2. Be proactive and keep your feelers out there. Use industry channels or forums to seek out highly qualified job candidates. Continually networking even when an opening doesn’t currently exist will make it easier to draw top talent when a need arises.

3. Make your process more efficient and thorough. Using technology to expedite the early stages of the hiring process can help winnow out unqualified applicants and more quickly move qualified applicants through the process. Consider holding at least one interview with the applicant and other members of your team to gauge the candidate’s level of fitness for the work and potential fit into the company’s culture. Having extra sets of objective eyes on the situation can help us see things that we may have missed. If other teammates are not available to help offer feedback, consider seeking the advice of an experienced business coach or mentor before making the hire official. Additionally, check references that are provided; listen carefully to what the references say about the individual, and be cognizant of what they don’t say and the tone of their messages about the individual. Don’t hesitate to give the candidate a job related task to accomplish as proof of competency if the job requires a certain amount of technical skill. Finally, it is an excellent idea to use a credible employment assessment to gain further insight into a candidate’s character and judgment.

In closing, it is important to invest time and effort into your company’s hiring practices. Making the wrong decisions about who to hire can create problems in the work environment and keep your business from thriving. Taking the time to develop effective hiring procedures and processes is one of the most important things a business can do to ensure its health and vitality. If you need help, consider contracting a great Cleveland business coach.

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