In our tough business environment, a high performing sales team can play an invaluable role in proactively creating business opportunities that lead to big returns and the competitive edge your corporation needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Corporate sales training programsIs your corporation failing to grow due to challenges with its sales team? If so, you are not alone.

Without properly trained corporate sales staff and leadership, your profits probably aren’t what they should be. When considering the need for corporate sales training, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your sales team under performing?
  • Does your sales team suffer from costly high turnover rates?
  • Do they know how to have the right conversations with the right people?
  • Are they adaptable enough to be considered solutions providers by customers and would-be customers?
  • Are your sales managers assessing and hiring the right sales reps?
  • Are they effectively acting as coaches and mentors to your reps? Is your sales team unified?
  • Are industry disruptions like mergers, government regulations, cuts, or marketplace shifts forcing your company–and your sales team–to adapt?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to consider enlisting the help of a corporate sales training consultant.

How to Choose Corporate Sales Training Providers

Not all corporate sales training programs are the same. Many times, sales training is a one-and-done event, where only one or two days are devoted to covering a lot of ground. But these types of programs are often ineffective for a couple of reasons. First, the sales training is often broad and not catered to the specific needs of your organization. Secondly, your sales staff will likely get bored and lose interest when bombarded by concept after concept without actually being able to take the time to apply the concepts and techniques learned.

Corporate Sales Training Through Leadership Excellence, Cleveland OH

True change doesn’t happen in a day or even a weekend. It happens over time. Greg L. Thomas, our experienced Corporate Sales Training Consultant, has worked with numerous corporations facing unique challenges with their sales forces in order to facilitate the lasting change needed for growth and long-term success.

Greg offers two different corporate sales training programs to meet the specific needs of his clients.

First is the Effective Selling Strategies Program ® in conjunction with the Leadership Management International. This is a six week program that starts with foundation and builds upon it with high level sales training. Over the course of the program, participants have the opportunity to build on concepts and strategies learning, putting their knowledge into practice as they go. Here is the general course outline:

Week 1: Defining the target market. Learn to define the target market and its needs; approach the target market through relationships; develop prospecting attitudes, activities, and methods; learn the referral prospecting process and overcoming obstacles to professional referral prospecting; learn how value added service fits in.

Week 2: Introduction to approaches that sell, including determining the best approach, pre-approach communication, and more.

Week 3: The Sales Interview. Staff will learn what a sales interview is, why to have a planned interview process, preparation and implementation of the nine-step interview process, focusing on the prospect’s self-interest, ensuring favorable outcomes, and more.

Week 4: Discovering prime buying motives, including what prospects want and why; getting to know yourself; the power of probing; and how listening pays off.

Week 5: Closing the Sale. Learn closing principles like recognizing buying signals, selecting the right closing, and steps to mastering closing techniques; how to avoid buying back the sale or leaving business on the table; and becoming a closing expert.

Week 6: Overcoming Stalling and Objections. Learn how to handle stalls; objections to buying signals; handling and countering various objections; and disagreeing without being disagreeable.

CLICK HERE to see the Effective Selling Strategies ® brochure

For more specific needs or for smaller businesses, Greg also offers proprietary corporate sales training courses that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business while incorporating many of the concepts outlined in the Effective Selling Strategies course described above.

We offer corporate sales training in Cleveland, Medina, and surrounding areas. If you are interested in learning more about either of our professional sales programs, please contact us or GET A FREE QUOTE / MORE INFORMATION ONLINE.