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Our Small Business Coaching Services

Life Coaching

Life coach services

We could all use a personal life coach to provide advice, motivation, and encouragement. A great life coach helps us make better decisions and reach a greater level of personal fulfillment.

Business Coach Services

Small business coaching services

With individual personal coaching services, you can resolve your most pressing problems and experience the business and personal growth you’ve envisioned. 

Personal Productivity Training

Personal Productivity Development

We provide the expert coaching and mentoring skills needed maximize your personal productivity to take you to new heights.

Time Management

Time Management Skills Training

The best possible training and management investment you can ever make is to use your time more wisely and effectively! With the My-Tyme® Success Planner, you can learn how to dramatically increase your productivity without putting in more hours.

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training Program

Our six-week Effective Communication® program will dramatically help you improve and enrich your communication skills.

Servant Leadership Training

Servant Leadership Training

Leadership Excellence specializes in helping leaders grow and thrive by developing essential servant leadership skills.

What Are The Best Leadership Trainings?2022-07-19T13:12:22-04:00

The best leadership training is a formal program that teaches new information through spaced repetition. It has a live trainer who cares about your individual needs and can help you to focus on specific areas of growth and opportunity.


What Are Examples Of Leadership Training?2022-07-19T13:11:37-04:00

A popular program we offer is the Personal Leadership and Productivity program. Each participant receives their own workbook and study guide. A live personal trainer helps the participant to learn and practice their new skills during six (6) interactive sessions. Each session last 1 ½ hours and is conducted online. Here are the details of the program: Effective Personal Productivity Brochure.

What Are The 7 Core Skills Of A Leader?2022-07-19T13:09:07-04:00

Some organizations state there are 7 core skills of a leader. These are: 1. Relationship Building, 2. Agility & Adaptability, 3. Innovation & Creativity, 4. Employee Motivation, 5. Decision-Making, 6. Conflict Management, 7. Negotiation. However, effective leadership is far more a study of core principles. The totality of successful leadership is a blend of proper attitudes, cognitive perception, self-disciplines, intuition and soft/hard skills.

Do You Offer A Leadership Skills Course Online?2022-07-19T13:08:14-04:00

Yes, we offer a number of formal training programs online with a live personal instructor, not simply watching impersonal videos or other recordings. We also offer personal coaching online.

Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Cleveland Leadership Coach Greg L. Thomas to learn more, get a free quote,  or find out more information about our personal development program here.

What Can I Expect From A Leadership Skill Training Course?2023-02-06T08:55:11-05:00

You can expect a certain amount of reading and guided study to learn new ideas and concepts. This may include a workbook and videos to enhance your training. You can expect an interactive environment to reinforce and practice the new concepts you are learning. You can expect some self-analysis assignments to determine your present level of achievement and recommend new growth opportunities. You can expect to be challenged and eventually “changed” into a better person and leader.

What Skills Do Leaders Need?2022-07-19T13:02:25-04:00

Leaders need many different skills. Among these include “soft skills” (encouraging and motivating others), vision to see the upcoming environment, strategy to prepare for the future, the ability to prioritize and focus on important tasks, and a positive attitude of enthusiasm and caring for others.

Does Leadership Training Work?2022-07-19T13:01:26-04:00

Much like any academic coursework, the results depend on your amount of attention and focus on learning. Individuals who study and reflect the training find it life changing.

Is Leadership Training Worth It?2022-07-19T13:00:37-04:00

Leadership training is like any good investment. There is an initial investment of money and time to develop new skills and attitudes. However, the benefits of the training can last a lifetime and have a powerful impact on both your personal life and working career.

What Is Leadership Skills Training?2022-07-19T12:59:54-04:00

Leadership skills training focuses on developing the tangible skills required to be an effective and competent leader. An example would be improved productivity resulting in the efficient use of time and priorities.

What Are The Benefits Of A Personal Development Plan To Your Working Life / How Does A Personal Development Plan Help?2022-07-19T12:59:20-04:00

The benefits of having a personal development plan are improved relationships, increased productivity, better communication skills, and the ability to act as a leader.

What Is Personal Development Planning2022-07-19T12:58:26-04:00

Personal development planning is a step-by-step process established to help an individual grow as a person by creating the disciplines, habits and skills needed to reach their potential.

What Are Personal Development Programs2022-07-19T12:57:21-04:00

A personal development program is one designed to help you as an individual to develop the proper skills and attitudes to be an effective leader. Nelson Mandela once said after spending 27 years in an isolated prison… “until I changed myself I could not change others.”

How Do I Start My Personal Development Journey?2022-07-19T12:56:34-04:00

Getting started on your personal development and leadership skill training is easy! Find the best personal development program online (or in your area, if you prefer in-person sessions) and sign up. The hardest part is the getting started, but you will be happy that you did as you begin to grow in your role as a leader and reap the benefits of your training!

Leadership Excellence, Ltd.Ohio specializes in helping Cleveland area leaders grow and thrive by developing essential servant leadership skills. Want to know more about servant leadership and how it can help you or your organization become more successful? Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Cleveland Leadership Coach Greg L. Thomas, or get a free quote or more information below.
What Are Your Personal Leadership Development Goals?2022-07-19T12:53:20-04:00
Essentially, your personal leadership development goals outline the skills you would like to develop in order to become a better leader in all aspects of your life. Some common leadership development goals include:
  • Being a better active listener
  • Adapt better to / be more open to change
  • Understand your limitations
  • Become a better coach to others
  • Provide valuable, constructive feedback
  • Improve personal productivity & time management
  • Lead by example
  • Improve relationship building skills
  • Being receptive to constructive criticism
  • Improve confidence
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Foster a growth mindset



Why Is Personal Development Important for Leaders?2022-07-19T12:52:02-04:00

Your leadership ability will determine how effective you are in your personal and professional life.

As an individual, personal leadership development can take you to the next level in the workplace, the community, and even at home. A good leadership development program will assist you in understanding your potential for personal leadership, guide you in making choices for success, plot out your personal growth, teach leadership essentials, and help you realize your full potential.

As an employer, personal leadership development is equally important because every employee you hire interacts within your organization and represents your company to the outside world. An individual’s personal self-image and motivation play a large role in how they perform, react, and lead others.

Personal Development Programs – Who Are They For?2022-07-19T12:51:20-04:00
A personal development program can benefit anyone wanting to experience personal and/or professional growth. Personal development for leaders can include:
  • Stay-at-home parents looking to provide better leadership for their families
  • Individuals seeking better relationship skills (personal and professional)
  • Business owners wanting to better lead their employees
  • Employees who want to stand out as leaders within their organization
  • Individuals looking to develop personal leadership skills to better serve those in their communities
  • Many more!
Understanding how to approach new skills related to personal development and making it a habit to put what you have learned into practice, can help you achieve your life goals, and enrich the lives of those around you.
What Is Personal Development?2022-07-19T12:50:39-04:00
Personal leadership development is an ongoing process of assessing your qualities and skills and your life goals to determine what skills you need to accomplish those goals and enjoy a happier, more fulfilling, and more successful life.
Personal leadership development can help boost your confidence, fine-tune relationships with others, and provide personal empowerment that will benefit you in all areas of your life!
Ongoing personal development is the only way to really bring out the best in yourself. It takes some effort, commitment, and intentionality, but you will see improvements in all aspects of you life as a result.
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