What Can a Life Coach Do for You?

Life Coach in ClevelandWe could all use a personal life coach to provide advice, motivation, and encouragement. A great life coach helps us make better decisions and reach a greater level of personal fulfillment. Life coaches use the process of mentoring to help you overcome personal obstacles and discouragement to reach your potential. The most successful athletes, entertainers, and leaders rely on their coaches regularly to help them achieve their personal best. Greg L. Thomas has coached and advised hundreds of clients.

What a Great Life Coach in Cleveland Does

Throughout my decades of life coaching in Cleveland, I have followed some basic principles. Here are some things I think a great life coach should always do:

  • Keep Confidentiality—What you tell me stays strictly between us.
  • Support and Mentor—My goal is to help you reach a greater level of personal fulfillment.
  • Encourage—I am here to help you set goals you truly want.
  • Motivate—I will ask you to do more than you would do alone.

What a Cleveland Life Coach Shouldn’t Do

There are several ways that a good life coach can help support your personal growth. Here are some things a life coach should never do:

  • Pretend to be a doctor, therapist, or financial advisor.
  • Tell you what to do or answer every problem. Good life coaching will help guide you to your own answers and conclusions through a supportive coaching relationship.
  • Allow you to skip tasks, goals, or other personal growth tools you decide on.

Personal Life Coaching

The enigma for most people is that three essential questions are not connected to a single process. Those questions include:

  1. WHAT? What do I really want most in life?
  2. HOW? How can I have a strategy to reach my goals?
  3. WHO? Who am I really?

Coaching brings these questions together into a single process that creates focus, achievement, and wholeness.

Personal Leadership – Facilitating Lasting Change

Many people, including some coaches, immediately begin establishing some important goals for themselves, but this is putting the cart before the horse. First, we must understand and codify our values and life mission. It is from these “core beliefs” that our goals should radiate.

As Stephen R. Covey said, “Private victories precede public victories. You can’t invert that process anymore than you can harvest a crop before you plant it. It’s inside out.” An inside-out approach begins with personal accountability, self-mastery, and emotional intelligence.

Developing Your Personal Mission Statement

To start, it is important to create a personal mission statement which reflects your moral and ethical values, accountability, and responsibility. By creating a personal mission statement, you are creating a game plan for your life. It is from here that you begin to set active goals to achieve it. A personal mission statement helps you answer an important individual question that only you can answer; “Am I truly living or am I being lived?”

What is the point of a well thought-out personal mission statement? This is your own “constitution” that reflects your purpose and values! It helps focus your energies and resources, provides a sense of orientation, and unifies the fragments of your life.

Establishing Visionary Goals

“An unwritten goal is only a dream and a goal without vision is a fantasy.” Visionary goals help us fulfill our personal mission statements, or game plan, for our lives. Through our life coaching sessions, I will help you develop SMART goals: goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and tangible.

We will also cover specific tasks, including benefits of achieving a goal, possible obstacles and solutions, outlining of specific “action steps,” how you will be accountable, tracking your success, and development of positive affirmations.

The majority of people either don’t establish goals or create goals that are too large, contradictory, or unattainable. You will learn how to develop the right goals to get results.

Benefits of Life Coaching in Cleveland

Here is what life coaching will do to help you bring greater joy and achievement into your life:

  • Meet on a regular basis to help you discover who and what you really are, and what will make your life more fulfilling. In our second meeting, you will take a personal assessment test that will reveal your strengths and weaknesses. You will quickly see that a life coach can help you make positive and dramatic changes in your life.
  • Show you how to take action on your goals, help you to overcome barriers and measure results. Through mentoring you will learn positive leadership development skills.
  • Help you to create a life strategy and personal mission statement. We will coach you to create truly achievable goals so you can reach for the stars! Personal life coaches do not deal with serious problems like addictions or abuse. As a matter of fact, we will be the first ones to recommend that you see a health care professional for serious personal issues. However, life coaching will provide the wisdom, encouragement, and accountability to guide you toward greater personal growth and satisfaction out of life.

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