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Leadership Tips: 5 Steps To Reduce Workplace Drama

Things happen. Changes in personnel, restructuring, and other shakeups can cause anxiety and discontentment within teams or throughout an entire organization. Sometimes this can bring out the drama king or queen in staff members. And while briefly venting frustration is a normal part of life, long term dramatic behavior can deplete energy and cause problems

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Five Ways To Develop A Winning Business Team

The Final Four is set. The Michigan State Spartans defeated Duke University to capture the last regional championship and secure their place in the national semifinals with the other regional champions in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. Michigan State, Texas Tech, Virginia, and Auburn will compete in the semifinals this weekend, with two

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Tips For Getting (And Keeping) Your Small Business Off The Ground

Being a manager, business owner, and business coach/consultant for the past thirty five years has taught me a lot! Starting up and maintaining a business is a challenge, even for many seasoned entrepreneurs, which is why the majority of businesses fail in their first year. Challenging…but possible with the right tools. For all you current

The Achiever Pre-Employment Assessment: What Business Owners Should Know

Hiring the wrong people can wreak havoc on an organization in more ways than one. From a financial standpoint, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the price tag for a bad hire is around 30% of that person’s first-year earnings. Bad hires can cost a larger company millions of dollars in losses each year.

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Sales Training Programs Provide A Competitive Edge

Sales are the lifeblood of a corporation, so salespeople play a vital role in keeping businesses alive. As a company's representatives to the outside world, the sales staff is responsible for acquiring and maintaining a loyal customer base by presenting information about products and services in a helpful, knowledgeable way. Therefore, salespeople in essence function

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