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An Introduction to Servant Leadership

 For decades I have coached individuals and organizations on how to embrace the Servant Leadership approach and mindset. Today I would like to provide a brief introduction to the servant leadership philosophy. I will have a number of videos on this topic, but the first thing I want to do in this video is

7 Reasons Employees Don’t Do What They Are Asked

A reader of my bi-monthly newsletter sent me the following question: "I really get frustrated when I ask the people who work for me to do a task and they just don’t do it! What are the reasons that employees don’t do what they are asked to do?" There are seven reasons why people don’t

Five Ways To Develop A Winning Business Team

The Final Four is set. The Michigan State Spartans defeated Duke University to capture the last regional championship and secure their place in the national semifinals with the other regional champions in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. Michigan State, Texas Tech, Virginia, and Auburn will compete in the semifinals this weekend, with two

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How To Become An Indispensable Employee

The job market is fluid, and depending on the economy and other internal factors, organizations can find themselves needing to cut workers or restructure to stay afloat or streamline expenses. So what can you, as an employee, do to make yourself a team member that your company won't want to lose? Every organization has employees

Labor Day Is Good For Leaders, Too

Have you ever really stopped to consider why Americans celebrate Labor Day? Most people enjoy it because the extra day off gives them a three-day weekend at the end of summer for one final barbeque or one last getaway before school. Few people reflect on the movement that forged the holiday's existence or the sacrifices


What do 2018 World Cup teams and your business have in common? You both need goals to survive and advance. Achieving goals isn't easy either on the soccer field or in the corporate world, but there are lessons we can learn from elite World Cup teams that can be applied to managing companies. Start with

Creating Teams That Rock [Tips For Finding And Developing The Best Employees]

The Beatles.  The Ford Motor Company.  The 1972 Miami Dolphins.  The Apollo 11 crew.  And hopefully the 2018 Cleveland Indians. What do all of these groups have in common?  They are all examples of great teams that have attained legendary status due to their accomplishments.  Assembling a terrific team is not easy, but in the

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Five Challenges That Plague Local Government Agencies And How To Overcome Them

In recent years, scandals emanating from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, the State Department, and the Internal Revenue Service have called into question the practices of these large federal bureaucracies and shaken people's confidence in their impartiality and fealty to the rule of law.  These scandals have led to both internal

How To Combat The Negative Power Of Complaining

Whining. Carping. Bellyaching. Kvetching. Whatever you call it, we've all done it, and we've all been around others who have done it. Sometimes it is even good to do it. However, when complaining becomes unproductive, counterproductive, or habitual, it becomes a problem that must be addressed. That's because complaining can take a toll on us

Tips For Dealing With Confrontational Co-Workers

A common issue that we all have to deal with from time to time is confrontational co-workers. How do you deal with this type of individual? This article provides helpful tips to help you work through this difficult scenario. First and foremost, it is important to remember that a leader leads PEOPLE, not organizations. While


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