Team Development

How To Combat High Employee Turnover

Even in today’s delicate job market, many organizations are plagued with a high number of employee resignations and turnover. Why do some organizations lose so many valuable employees? Because many employees have been overloaded with extra work, more stress, and fewer resources, these workers are tremendously frustrated! Couple that with the feeling of a general

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Playfulness In The Workplace

Many leaders are discovering something that was once taboo in the workplace ... laughter and playfulness. A good leader knows how to season the workplace with lighthearted humor and joy. Southwest Airlines is famous for this type of work environment. Benefits of Playfulness: 1. Laughter is a natural human expression. 2. Humor helps reduce stress

Qualities Of A Great Team Member – Part 1

Are you a team member hoping to step into a leadership role someday? This article is for you. By working on developing the qualities of good followership, you are preparing yourself to be an effective leader when the opportunity comes along. Why? Great personal leaders know how to lead as well as step back and

How To Increase Job Satisfaction: Understanding The 5 Basic Needs Of Employees

Good leaders recognize that people come from a variety of backgrounds and are looking for different things from an employer. Whether it’s affiliation, independence, or anything in between, it’s important to take the time to understand the unique needs of each employee in order to meet those needs. Happy employees equal a happy and productive

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