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Interview Questions To Ask Applicants

This week, the U. S. Labor Department reported that employers advertised for more open positions at the end of April than had been previously recorded in the fifteen years the government has been tracking the statistic.  With hiring on the rise, employers and potential employees will find themselves engaged in more job interviews in the

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Good Leadership And Honesty: 3 Tips For Gaining The Trust Of Others

There are a number of essential qualities that good leaders should possess, and among the top of those is honesty. In the midst of corporate corruption and increasingly deceptive practices, employees of all ages value honest, transparent leaders. How important is it for our current and future workforce? A recent worldwide study  of Gen “Y”

Steps Effective Leaders Take To Avoid Analysis Paralysis

One major quality of leadership is the ability to get things done. The bottom line of attaining real accomplishment is not activity, it’s getting the right results. Many leaders and business owners suffer from “analysis paralysis,” and get hung up on asking for more evaluations, statistics, analysis, and meetings. This process is usually accompanied by

Five Time-Saving Tips For Small Business Owners

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: Time is money.  This is especially true for small business owners, many of whom find themselves stretched to the breaking point by the number of things they need to do to run their companies effectively.  When business owners become fatigued, productivity often suffers, which in turn has detrimental effects

Four Tips For Becoming A More Effective Communicator And Leader

You’ve worked hard to ensure the lines of communication stay open within your organization.  (Check out “How to Identify and Break Down Communication Silos in Your Organization” for more on how to do this.)  However, you are worried that the messages being sent through those channels aren’t as effective or clear as they ought to be.  What

Vision: The Difference Between A Leader And A Manager

What sets leaders apart from mere managers? The ability to craft and clearly articulate a vision. Vision allows leaders to present a hopeful and positive image for tomorrow. To be effective, this vision should persuade and attract every member of the team, organization, or family. It should also motivate everyone to cut through the noise

Are You Listening? Leadership Tips For Active Listening

In order to be great leaders, we have to be able to be active listeners. Here are 5 tips for becoming an active listener: 1. Sustain your attention- provide verbal and non-verbal cues that you are actively listening (i.e. nodding, eye contact, minimizing distractions). 2.  Don’t over-interpret- avoid jumping to conclusions early in the conversation.

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