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6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Business Consultant For Your Organization

If you are a business owner searching for business consultants, you will find no shortage of them! But how do you sift through the various options to find the best consultant for your specific needs? Finding the Best Business Consultant in Cleveland for Your Needs Every organization is different, so it is worth doing some

How To Properly Use Authority

Misusing power is a surefire way to alienate others and stunt the growth potential of individuals and organizations. With authority comes both power and responsibility-find out how to use your authority to effectively lead others... Listen to the podcast- The Proper Use of Authority

How To Increase Job Satisfaction: Understanding The 5 Basic Needs Of Employees

Good leaders recognize that people come from a variety of backgrounds and are looking for different things from an employer. Whether it’s affiliation, independence, or anything in between, it’s important to take the time to understand the unique needs of each employee in order to meet those needs. Happy employees equal a happy and productive

Common Stressors For Business Owners And How To Fix Them

As a small to medium-sized business owner, you wear many hats! Some of them may be a perfect fit; others not so much. So how do you balance all of these demands? Here are some common stressors you may be facing and some stress hacks to help you address them head on: 1. Trying to

3 Guidelines To Follow For Successful Negotiations

A big item in the news this week was the nuclear deal the White House struck with Iran.  The deal itself has stirred up some controversy because many believe the administration conceded far too much to the Iranians while others are more or less happy with the outcome of the negotiations.  Time will make clear

Steps Effective Leaders Take To Avoid Analysis Paralysis

One major quality of leadership is the ability to get things done. The bottom line of attaining real accomplishment is not activity, it’s getting the right results. Many leaders and business owners suffer from “analysis paralysis,” and get hung up on asking for more evaluations, statistics, analysis, and meetings. This process is usually accompanied by

How To Identify And Break Down Communication Silos In Your Organization

Ah, the dreaded silos. Capable of squashing communication both horizontally and vertically and encouraging bunker mentalities. Studies have shown time and time again that silos can be a significant hindrance to the growth of an organization. The bottom line: leadership has to find a way to keep the lines of communication open across various boundaries

Tips To Combat Common Challenges Faced By Small Business Owners

Small businesses face many challenges in our competitive world.  According to polls conducted earlier this year by Gallup and Forbes, the top three challenges small business owners face are attracting more business/sales, various forms of governmental interference, and hiring good or qualified workers.  While some of these challenges are beyond the direct control of small

Five Time-Saving Tips For Small Business Owners

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: Time is money.  This is especially true for small business owners, many of whom find themselves stretched to the breaking point by the number of things they need to do to run their companies effectively.  When business owners become fatigued, productivity often suffers, which in turn has detrimental effects

How to Be An Effective Communicator And Leader

You’ve worked hard to ensure the lines of communication stay open within your organization.  (Check out “How to Identify and Break Down Communication Silos in Your Organization” for more on how to do this.)  However, you are worried that the messages being sent through those channels aren’t as effective or clear as they ought to be. 


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