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Leadership And Growth: How To Squash Growth In 3 Easy Steps

Whether you are working on your personal or professional growth, you must remember one important fact: leaders can’t change organizations, but they can change people. Changed people can then foster change in organizations! Do you want to stifle growth? Don’t develop yourself or those around you. Here are three surefire ways to inhibit growth: 1.

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Unleash Your Inner Olympian

While following the action of the Summer Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro this week, I heard an astounding fact regarding America's most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps.  At the moment, Phelps has collectively won 21 Olympic gold medals in his career, and he has the possibility of adding to his collection with some upcoming

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Tips For Dealing With Difficult Coworkers

How Can I Deal with Difficult Coworkers? In almost every workplace, you've likely encountered at least one person who changes the entire atmosphere the moment they walk into the room. When they're absent, you find yourself breathing a sigh of relief, as the day instantly seems brighter without their dominating presence or constant complaints. Whether

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Can You REALLY Have It All?

One myth that has been thrown around in our modern workplace for the past several decades is the idea that you can have it all, but is that really possible? The short answer is NO. It is impossible to commit adequate time to all the responsibilities, needs, and relationships that we juggle with work, family,

One-On-One Executive Coaching Or Peer Advisory Mentoring—Which Is Best For You?

What is an important component of business success that is extremely valuable, frequently lost, but infrequently missed?  If you guessed perspective, you are correct.  It is easy for a business owner or CEO to lose perspective because they often feel isolated and alone at the top of the corporate pyramid, and they do not know

Playfulness In The Workplace

Many leaders are discovering something that was once taboo in the workplace ... laughter and playfulness. A good leader knows how to season the workplace with lighthearted humor and joy. Southwest Airlines is famous for this type of work environment. Benefits of Playfulness: 1. Laughter is a natural human expression. 2. Humor helps reduce stress

Qualities Of A Great Team Member – Part 2

In our last article, we began to look at qualities of a good follower. Here are some additional traits found in loyal, committed team members. Show Appropriate Appreciation and Recognition. Leaders face a great deal of pressure and responsibility. When unacknowledged, leaders can feel unappreciated or taken for granted. By being sensitive to the stress

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Qualities Of A Great Team Member – Part 1

Are you a team member hoping to step into a leadership role someday? This article is for you. By working on developing the qualities of good followership, you are preparing yourself to be an effective leader when the opportunity comes along. Why? Great personal leaders know how to lead as well as step back and

Why Pulling Down Others Will Not Lift You Or Your Brand Up

In February, the Republicans vying to be the next president participated in a debate in South Carolina.  This seemed to be the most raucous debate to date in this election cycle as a number of candidates engaged in name-calling and personal attacks against others on stage.  While the hyperbole and verbal assaults made for entertaining

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